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Security at Bitpanda: How we continue to raise the bar for the crypto industry


By Bitpanda

We are proud to announce that we were recently granted the ISO 27001 certification by demonstrating full-compliance with the international standard for information security. We wanted to take this opportunity to share why we applied for this licence, what it means for you, and why we continue to strive to be the safest, most regulated cryptocurrency platform in the industry.

Everything starts with security

Possessing internally maintained security programs is one thing, but having them measure up to industry standards and validating them by achieving best-in-class certifications is another. The latter is much more difficult and time-consuming, but if you want to be a safe and rigorously regulated company, it is necessary and worthwhile.

We at Bitpanda view information security as an essential building block for good business practices, which is why we decided to tackle this topic in a structured, enterprise-grade manner. We introduced a dedicated security organisation to support our product, corporate IT and engineering teams, and to protect the personal data, financial assets, and business information that lets us bring our products to market.

Together, these teams build and operate our best-in-class information security management system (ISMS) that governs and aligns the many advanced security controls and processes we use to keep our customers safe – including applying for industry-leading security licences and certifications, like ISO 27001. 

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security, providing a compliance framework that focuses on security and risk management processes. As Europe’s leading investment platform, and as a business that is absolutely committed to safety and security, it was an obvious choice for us to apply.

Why? As recent events have shown, it is time for the cryptocurrency industry to mature, stop cutting corners, and prioritise security and transparency. Innovation is part of our DNA, but so is doing things the right way: there is necessary groundwork that needs to be done first and information security is a crucial component. Applying for and receiving ISO 27001 is just the latest example in which we’re raising the bar for the entire crypto industry by building the safest platform out there.

What this means for you

For Bitpanda users, there will be no change in the way you use our platform. We do however hope that you’ll see this as another reason to trust in Bitpanda as a safe place to invest in digital assets. We continue to build an environment where security best practices are maintained and where we keep your data and funds safe and available to you 24/7.

Bitpanda is safe, secure and regulated 

We recognise and understand the scrutiny and distrust currently circling the crypto world, but rest assured the safety of our customers and their assets is our top priority. The Bitpanda Group diligently follows European law and regulation, and Bitpanda GmbH is a registered virtual asset service provider (VASP) with the Austrian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, and Swedish Financial Authorities.

Next to the ISO 27001 information security certification, Bitpanda Payments GmbH possesses a payment service provider licence under PSD2, recently becoming an E-Money Institute and Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH holds a MiFID II investment firm licence with strict user verification processes that are fully compliant with AML5. Each of these individual registrations allows us to directly invite new users to try out Bitpanda and to promote our services through marketing activities in their country. We also operate in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with strict security measures that meet high international safety standards. 

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