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The Bitpanda Stocks* Beta is here - fractional, 24/7 and commission-free with tight spreads


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda is making investing in stocks accessible to everyone. As of today, you can invest in your favourite stocks and ETFs* from as little as €1 and 24/7. Get your first stock for free and invite your friends to increase your chances of winning a Tesla Model 3 Performance*!

Say hello to fractional stocks and ETFs on Bitpanda

The Bitpanda Stocks Beta offers the simplest way to invest in fractional stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds). To start investing, simply register on Bitpanda and download the Bitpanda app for iOS or Android. Then all you need to do is to deposit at least €25 to your Bitpanda account and invest in slices of your favourite companies starting from as little as €1.

Get a slice or invest in a whole stock

What is a fractional stock? A fractional stock is a smaller portion of a whole stock. Imagine a stock as a large cake. Someone cuts off slices in various sizes, creating smaller fractions. No matter the stock price, you can invest in slices of your favourite companies from as little as €1. Pretty cool, right?

Fractional stocks on Bitpanda are ideal for you if you are looking to diversify your portfolio or if you are investing on a budget. Also, it’s worth noting that dividends (earnings from your stocks) are paid out to you, even if you only hold fractions of a stock. Just make sure that you understand all the risks that come with this investment.

Invest 24/7 even outside trading hours, commission-free

The revolutionary nature of Bitpanda Stocks allows features that are not possible through traditional stock purchasing, such as 24/7 investing - even outside of trading hours - with tight spreads and zero commissions.

Bitpanda will not charge you commissions on your investments. Instead, a spread is applied when you acquire or terminate an investment, similar to the difference between the “buy” and “sell” rates when converting money at a foreign exchange. You can also find more detailed information in our cost document on every single Bitpanda Stocks asset page.

Build your portfolio with our growing collection

The Bitpanda Stocks Beta offers you access to invest in your favourite companies from around the world. However, this is just the beginning as we will be adding more fractional assets for you to invest in soon and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Like with all the digital assets you can invest in on Bitpanda, you can also create savings plans for investing in your favourite companies at regular intervals, spend your Bitpanda Stocks with the Bitpanda Card or use them to make payments. Find out all about the first selection that we are listing here and invest in your favourites.

Invest with confidence on Europe’s #1 investment platform

Bitpanda Stocks are not actual stocks but financial instruments replicating the underlying stock or ETF. By investing in fractional stocks and ETFs on Bitpanda, you, as the investor, enter into a derivative contract that regulates all rights and obligations between Bitpanda and you regarding your investment. Each derivative contract is always worth as much as the respective stock or ETF.

Your digital securities are backed

Bitpanda owns the underlying stocks and ETFs that are available on our broker platform. All the stocks and ETFs are held by our custody bank and Bitpanda's buy and sell orders are executed by our exchange partner. As Bitpanda utilises a pledge agreement with the physically backed securities held by Bitpanda at its custodian bank, users taking part in Bitpanda Stocks benefit from reduced counterparty risk.

Unlike other brokers, Bitpanda will never sell your data to other financial firms or external partners.

Invest in line with EU regulations

The Bitpanda Stocks Beta is in full compliance with the latest regulatory measures, including the AML5 EU directive. Bitpanda Financial Services is an investment firm supervised by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and holds a MiFID II licence. Bitpanda uses a number of state-of-the-art measures to protect your account. All your investments in Bitpanda Stocks are also protected by a pledge agreement which covers up to 100% of your claims.

Don’t forget to get your first fractional stock - it’s on us

If you missed our first announcement on Bitpanda Stocks, we want to remind you that you as a verified Bitpanda user can get your first fractional stock - chosen at random and valued between €5 and €200 - for free.

This is how you can get your free fractional stock:

  • Ensure that you have a verified Bitpanda account.
  • Make sure that you have made a fiat deposit at least once since you opened your account.
  • Accept the new terms and conditions when you log into your Bitpanda account.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions (T&C), you'll automatically receive a random fractional stock worth between €5 and €200 credited to your account. The Bitpanda Stocks promotional giveaway runs from the 20th of April, 2021 09:00 am (CEST) and ends on the 13th of May, 2021, 11:59 pm (CEST). (If you do not wish to receive your free Bitpanda stock, please contact the Bitpanda Helpdesk.)

Can’t wait to see what you got? We get you. But things get even better from here!

You always wanted to invest in stocks - and own a Tesla?

By accepting the T&C in your verified Bitpanda account and meeting the other requirements mentioned above, you are automatically eligible to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance. To increase your chances of winning, you can invite your friend to register, verify and start investing on Bitpanda. The more friends you invite who meet the requirements, the higher your chances of winning the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Get started

*This information is considered advertising material. Raffle T&Cs apply. Bitpanda Stocks enables investing in fractional stocks. Fractional stocks in Europe are always enabled via a contract which replicates the underlying stock or ETF (financial instruments pursuant to section 1 item 7 lit. d WAG 2018). Investing in stocks and ETFs carries risks. For more details see the prospectus at bitpanda.com.