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The evolution of BEST: Have your say in the Best Ecosystem Token Committee + the 35th BEST burn numbers


By Bitpanda

The evolution of BEST: Have your say in  the Best Ecosystem Token Committee

Are you ready to help shape the future of BEST, Bitpanda’s ecosystem token? The goal of the BEST token committee is to help guide the decisions that will affect the community today, tomorrow and for many years to come. The Bitpanda Ecosystem Committee will carefully manage, monitor, and advise to help guide the future development of BEST.

A committee for the community, by the community

The creation of the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Committee underscores our dedication to the creation of industry-leading best practices, but also the cultivation of a culture of openness and trust. The Committee will serve as a consulting body for Bitpanda's management board in matters concerning BEST. 

Who will be on the Committee? 

As part of our commitment to transparency and inclusion in the BEST community, we will be sharing the whole process of selecting and building the committee, which will be made up of a distinguished assembly of our BEST team, independent industry experts and a community member.

Join the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Committee 

Above all, BEST is about community. Which is first and foremost why you, our dedicated BEST holders and community members, will be at the forefront of this selection process and potentially hold a seat on the committee itself. Because as a member of the BEST community, you’re invited to submit your application to join the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Committee. 

The ideal candidate for the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token Committee will have a deep passion for the Bitpanda ecosystem and possess a blend of qualifications that let them contribute meaningfully towards the continued growth of the BEST community. 

Please submit a detailed profile outlining your qualifications and contributions to the community, and why you think you qualify for the BEST committee by completing this form.

If your application is successful, and you’re invited to join the Bitpanda Ecosystem Committee shortlist, you’ll be informed about the requirements. These include active participation in meetings, preparation for discussions and adherence to the committee’s ethical standards, ensuring the Committee's mission is achieved with integrity and dedication.

Please make sure you complete your application by April 4th, 2024. After this first stage is complete, we will review all the submissions and select a shortlist of candidates. In the next stage, all BEST VIPs will have the opportunity to learn more about the shortlist, and vote for their preferred candidate. 

The 35th BEST burn is here!

We’ve just completed the 35th burn of 9,430,921 BEST with a total value of €4,729,607 You can get all the details about our 35th burn - including burn transaction - here.

A record breaking Burn to end Q1

The Bitcoin Halving event isn’t the only headline news this month. Hot on the heels of the massive January and February burns comes a record breaking number of 9,430,921 for the 35th BEST burn. What does this mean for the BEST community? Since the 30th BEST burn, we’ve promised that every BEST Burn will be at least 2.5M. Of course, this reduction in supply means the remaining BEST becomes more valuable. And as the wider crypto market continues to show positive signs, we’re even more excited for the future of BEST.

Coming soon: Convert your dust to BEST

We’re always looking for ways to help you to maximise your investments. That’s why we’re excited to be launching the option to swap assets for which you hold dust (<€1 or equivalent) to BEST with zero fees. We’ve already launched  this feature to our Bitpanda Club Gold members and will launch it to the whole community later in April. 

The BEST community continues to grow

It’s exciting times in the world of crypto, and that’s evident in the growing and active BEST community. Over the last two quarters, we’ve seen the number of community members claiming their weekly rewards increase by three times. We’re excited to see this trajectory continue for the rest of the year. 

When is the next BEST burn going to happen

Where can I learn more about investing? 

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Please keep in mind that Bitpanda may at any time terminate the BEST Rewards and may decide not to pay them out. BEST rewards, as any other feature within the Bitpanda Loyalty Programme, do not represent a claim on or against Bitpanda or any of its affiliates and shall not be deemed legally binding. See also Bitpanda Loyalty Programme Terms for more details.