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The faces of Bitpanda Pro: Meet Mads Jacobsen

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In this article, we are speaking to Mads Jacobsen, Lead of UX/UI Design and Product Owner of Bitpanda Pro, about his career at Bitpanda. In the following interview, Mads provides insights into his beginnings, everyday life and personal thoughts about his position at Bitpanda Pro

Could you tell us about your beginnings at Bitpanda?

I started at Bitpanda in May 2018 and, given my past experience, I was assigned to design Bitpanda’s new crypto exchange, Bitpanda Pro. Together with an established backend team and one frontend colleague, we began to spec out the product and the vision. Over the following year, we worked countless hours to complete the project. Finally, in August 2019, Bitpanda Pro was released.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

I typically start working between 7-7:30 in the morning. Most of my colleagues start a bit later, so this is often the time slot where I can focus on what’s ahead, right before a hectic day kicks in. My routine is usually a mix between writing tickets for the developers, adjusting and designing UI and working closely with the various stakeholders in the Bitpanda Pro team.

We heard that you are a trader yourself, how did this come into play when designing the Bitpanda Pro UI/UX?

I have always been fascinated by traders that can predict the price movements and make money from it. This has led me to look a lot at technical analysis and other ways of trading. However, I believe market psychology to be the real market mover force. At my previous job, I got a fair amount of experience with algorithmic trading, which I see as another possible tool for a trader.

In your view, what are features that distinguish Bitpanda Pro from other exchanges?

When we started building and designing Bitpanda Pro, we wanted to build a trading platform that would cater to both manual retail traders and institutions. Moreover, our goal included giving algorithmic traders the means to set up their strategies on our platform.

We are still a relatively small platform, yet I believe that we have created a great crypto trading platform with all the tools that a crypto investor and seasoned trader would need to make their crypto trading decisions.

Last, but not least, where do you see Bitpanda Pro two years from now?

As we continue our hard work on Bitpanda Pro, we aim to add more functionality and grow the product to be the leading trading platform if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. We are ambitious and are looking forward to what the future holds. Bitpanda Pro’s journey has just started!

Thank you.

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