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The new Bitpanda Pro Android app - trade 24/7 via mobile

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By Bitpanda Pro

We know that crypto trading via your desktop set-up is the bee’s knees but how about adding some wings? Trading on Bitpanda Pro has just gotten more convenient! Download the Bitpanda Pro Android app now and trade via your mobile phone on the go, wherever you are, 24/7.

It is true. Seasoned traders say that trading via desktop amidst three screens is the only way to go. It is purist trading in its purest form - you have your station at home or in your office set up. Not much beats the great view of order books, trades and charts for monitoring everything, you can quickly log in and out within a few seconds if need be - and why should you change that?

We are not saying you should. However, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to also keep an eye on your trading while you are on the go. Checking your orders from anywhere around the world via your mobile device on top of all the usual Bitpanda Pro features adds to a great trading experience and puts your mind at ease while you stay connected at all times.

All powerful Pro features in one app

The brand-new Bitpanda Pro Android app is a progressive web application, meaning it is an optimised website for use on mobile phones and tablets. Besides automated updates, the Bitpanda Pro App offers our traders all features that you already have access to and use on the Bitpanda Pro UI, such as all order types including market orders, limit orders, advanced limit orders and stop limit orders. Log into the Bitpanda Pro App by entering your PIN or by using biometric authentication if your Android phone supports this.

Broad range of professional trading features

Some of the other features of the Bitpanda Pro App for Android include multiple functions for improving the convenience of trader life on the go. Check your balance and keep an eye on developments of all markets via the Bitpanda Pro app. You will still be able to monitor the charts of all trading pairs in depth and view your price charts and order books with your user menu and trade just like you would via desktop. The feature to receive essential alerts via push notifications on your mobile device will be added in one of the next releases.

Use your existing Bitpanda Account to start trading wherever you are

If you are new to trading on Bitpanda Pro, we recommend that you register and verify on Bitpanda Pro and then download the app in the Google Play Store. So head over there, download the app and then - happy trading!

More good news is coming your way: the Bitpanda Pro iOS app is in the works and will be available soon.

Download the Bitpanda Pro app now

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