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Uniting with Plum to bring safe and simple crypto investing to their customers


By Bitpanda

In June last year, we established ourselves in the B2B market, opening up Bitpanda’s digital finance infrastructure through our solution to fintechs, traditional banks and online platforms. Now we’re excited to announce that we have joined forces with the smart money app Plum. This will give instant access to simple, safe and convenient crypto investing to their rapidly growing customer base.

Unlocking safe and simple access to crypto

Bitpanda’s collaboration with Plum brings together our shared vision of giving everyone the ability to take control of their financial future through simple, easy-to-use financial products. With rising demand from European investors to have simple access to a crypto solution, we’re now proud to welcome Plum’s rapidly growing European customer base to do just that and get started from as little as €1.

Plum’s impressive journey continues to ripen

We’re simply blown away by Plum’s journey so far. Since being founded in 2016 by Victor Trokoudes (ex-Wise), the smart money app’s AI automates the parts of personal finance that people find difficult or don’t have time for. This allows them to save, invest, budget and manage their money, and make it go further without having to give it a second thought. Plum has enabled its 1.4 million (and growing!) customers to set aside £1.3 billion. 

With Plum implementing its ambitions to offer a broader range of assets to invest in, we’re excited to join forces with them to bring Bitpanda’s digital investment infrastructure to its customers and give them access to crypto as an additional asset class. So, whether they’re beginner investors, experts or even just simply curious about crypto, they can diversify their portfolio in a safe, simple and accessible way.

Evolve your business with Bitpanda

We’re seeing more and more companies looking to offer the ability for customers to invest on their platform. Just last year, the most successful French B2C fintech Lydia, joined forces with us to implement the Bitpanda White Label.

So if you’d like to evolve your business and introduce your customers to the world of investment, look no further.

Let’s have a chat! Reach out to us here to get things going.