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Updates for our BEST and Pantos communities


By Bitpanda


Get all the latest news about BEST and Pantos, including details on upcoming new projects and some exciting birthday celebrations

FFIt’s time for an update for our BEST and Pantos communities, packed with exciting up and coming projects, recent developments and a sneak peak at some exciting birthday celebrations where you’ll have the chance to earn some awesome prizes!

Still simply the BEST

Just a few of the exciting BEST developments include the launch of Bitpanda Staking with special rates for VIPs, and the Instant Trade Bonus which rewards VIPs with BEST for every trade. We also introduced the all-new BEST stimulus programme, and caught up with our community with new VIP votes, videos and interviews. Plus, there’s still more to come…

  • Weekly BEST Rewards

We’re excited to announce that after a short delay, we’ll be launching weekly BEST Rewards on Monday, August 1! By holding a minimum of 10 BEST and making at least one weekly trade, you can claim up to 0.10% in weekly BEST Rewards! 

  • Happy birthday BEST 

To celebrate the launch of weekly rewards and BEST’s birthday, in August we’ll be holding a massive trading competition with awesome BEST prizes! Join the conversation on Telegram to stay up to date. 

  • The 14th BEST Burn

Finally, as part of the BEST stimulus programme, we carried out the 14th BEST Burn. We’ll have regular burns until 75% of the total BEST supply has been burned, reducing the amount in circulation, making the remaining tokens more valuable to you. Simple. 

Latest Pantos news 

The Pantos team have been just as busy too, having published ten TAST white papers. We also developed, released and improved the TAST research prototypes. Plus, we’ve also entered into multiple partnerships with leading universities across Europe including TU Hamburg, TU Wien and the London Business School, research institutions like the Austrian Blockchain Center, and private companies including Raiffeisen Bank International and the IOTA Foundation. 

Pantos beta

Our Pantos beta is currently live on 5 testnets (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Bitcoin RSK) with more in the pipeline. This means people can move their assets between the five chains, paying all transaction fees with PAN. The beta is currently only open to Panda colleagues while we check everything is awesome, but we’ll be opening the beta for public testing very soon - stay tuned! 

And happy birthday Pantos! 

We’ll soon share a major announcement with awesome PAN prizes to celebrate the upcoming trading anniversary of PAN! So keep an eye on our social media channels! Join the conversation on Telegram to stay up to date.

Join the conversation

If you want to keep up with all the latest news, and share thoughts and ideas, you can join our BEST and PANTOS communities on Telegram.