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VP of Engineering, Krzystof Ras, is leading Bitpanda’s tech hub project

Raphael Schön

By Raphael Schön

As a rapidly-growing company, we at Bitpanda need world-class talent to make our vision of democratising investing a reality. Meet VP of Engineering, Krzystof Ras, who will be in charge of hiring and leading toptalent in our new Bitpanda Technology and Innovation Hub in Krakow, Poland.

Poland has a strong history of nourishing tech talent. We at Bitpanda truly believe that we can attract world-class talent with an innovative and disruptive product like ours. As we’re expanding our product offerings, while continuing to improve our existing services, we plan to invest €10 million in Krakow, Poland to expand our Engineering team and double the company from 300 to 600 team members. Read more about our plans here.

“With a unique combination of corporate businesses and startup ecosystems, Krakow is a perfect match. Our goal is to scale fast by building an all-star Engineering team that excels in innovation whilst developing our products”, said Krzysztof.

Krzystof is an industry veteran, who is not only a manager but also a strong individual contributor through being a talented and passionate programmer himself. He has a proven track record of doing exactly what he is now doing for Bitpanda: building a local technology hub for a fast-growing company. During his career, he worked at Motorola as a Software Engineer and later branched into leadership roles at Luxoft, Grid Dynamics Poland, State Street and Fandom.

In his role at Bitpanda, he is leading the new engineering teams to deliver products to Bitpanda’s platforms, now overseeing the hiring process and general growth of the Bitpanda Technology and Innovation Hub in Krakow, Poland.

Home office and remote work during COVID times

As a company, we value the safety and health of our people the most. We carefully follow all regulations and implement changes to comply with them. The company adopted a home office policy very quickly when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. We believe, however, that innovation is given a boost when complex technical issues are addressed in person. The pandemic has changed the way we think about work and office life, though. This means that we will work in a hybrid mode as soon as the situation allows it again.

In case you didn’t know, it was a pretty busy year for us at Bitpanda. We launched in France with a campaign, followed closely by our launches in Spain, Turkey and Italy, while also growing internally by doubling our team! It’s safe to say, our user base has grown too, with over 1.7 million people using Bitpanda as their platform of choice for trading.

Interested in joining our team in Poland? Check out our open Krakow positions on Lever and on LinkedIn.

Raphael Schön

Raphael Schön