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We make wealth creation accessible to everyone, safely and securely


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda has always been about revolutionising the industry and making financial freedom a reality. At the core of this is a focus on providing infrastructure that puts the power of investing into everyone's hands, and giving them peace of mind as they do.

Our commitment

Our industry can be turbulent and complex, and unfortunately, there are rogue characters out there who have exploited this. So, we’re speaking up to break down these stigmas, to demystify the complexity and confusion around the industry, and to be the example for others to follow. In fact, it’s our mission to simplify wealth creation for everyone, and to make this modern financial world an ‘even-playing field’ that’s accessible to all.

We walk the talk

We are committed to creating the safest and most secure platform for our investors. For Bitpanda, doing business the right way is priority number one. Always has been, always will be.

It’s no coincidence that we are seen as the most trusted platform in Europe. We continue to leverage the latest and greatest technology to provide a premium investing experience. And we do it by doing it. With the right thoughts, the right actions and the right execution.

Jonas Larsen, CFO of Bitpanda, commented: “Our success is measured not only in the great products and solutions we deliver, but the peace of mind Bitpanda creates for our customers using them. How we achieve this is simple: by being the most regulated, the most safe and by holding ourselves to the highest standard — every day.

The work that happens behind the scenes to maintain this is huge. We have the best tech and we have the best talent, and we’re showing the market and our customers our continued commitment to doing business the right way, not the easy way. And as we continue to do so, our place in the market as Europe’s #1 trusted platform only gets stronger.”

It’s our talented Panda’s that are making this happen

Leading Bitpanda in this mission is an incredible and diverse team of top European talent who are focused on ensuring we keep our hard-earned reputation. But of course, the responsibility doesn’t rest solely with them. Every Panda in the Den is committed to ensuring Bitpanda remains the safest and most secure platform for our investors as we keep revolutionising the industry and simplifying wealth creation for all.

Excited by what you read?

If you want to change the rules of investing and play an active role in shaping the future of digital assets, take a look at our open positions and apply for a career at Bitpanda.