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Welcome to the Bitpanda Community


By DecFromBitpanda

A successful ecosystem starts with a healthy and constructive community. To achieve that, we put together this guide which outlines all the information you need to know in order to begin getting involved with our community.

To achieve that, we put together this guide which outlines all the information you need to know in order to begin getting involved with our community. Let’s start with the house rules, we don’t have many but they are important.

General community rules:

These rules apply when taking part in any of our forums and groups. Please read them carefully as violations will mean that we have to take action.

  • Be nice to each other, show respect and talk about things related to Bitpanda
  • Criticism is welcome but please do not dispense baseless negativity
  • Promoting other brokers, exchanges or referral links will result in a ban
  • Posting fake prices and/or charts will result in a ban
  • If you need account-related support, please do not ask for it on social media or in the forums - open a support ticket here
  • Please do not contact admins via private chats. We will not answer questions this way and admins will never contact you via private chats


The Bitpanda subreddit is the centre of our community. With weekly discussions, AMAs and general chats, it’s the best place to make your voice heard and take part in the discussion around Bitpanda. Users can come to our subreddit with questions, queries, concerns, feature requests or anything really.

And this is where one of Reddit’s greatest features comes in to play: users have the option to ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ these posts. 🔼🔽

What this essentially means is that members can agree or disagree with something that another member has posted. This is great because you can give us your opinion on anything and we can get a clear idea of how popular that opinion is!

Ask the founders...anything!

We’ve committed to holding AMA (ask me anything) sessions with one of the co-founders and CEOs of Bitpanda every two months. This is your chance to chat one-on-one with those who actually make the decisions. The AMAs are usually very lively, so make sure to get your questions in fast.

Competitions, giveaways and Bitpanda goodies

BEST tokens, hoodies and even solid gold coins - these are some of the things we have given away in our competitions and promotions so far. If you don’t want to be left with FOMO then simply subscribe to our subreddit and get started.

Making a reddit account is extremely easy and takes just 20 seconds. Do it now so you don’t miss out on the next event or giveaway.


Telegram is the place to get deep into the discussion about Bitpanda, Pantos, BEST and the world of investing with other users. Please use this link if you need account-related support.

All the groups are managed by ‘Admins’ (official employees from Bitpanda) and ‘Moderators’ (official volunteers from the community). If you want to discuss a specific topic from within Bitpanda, we have channels and groups set up for almost everything:

  • Bitpanda Announcements (Official): English
    Announcements channel where you can get all the most important information pushed directly to your smartphone. Subscribe so that you never miss a thing.
  • Bitpanda Official: English, German and French
    The main discussion groups for everything related to Bitpanda.
  • BEST Official: English, German and French
    Groups related to the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST).
  • Bitpanda Pro Official: English, German and French
    Groups related to Bitpanda Pro.
  • Pantos Announcements (Official) : English
    Announcements channel for everything related to Pantos. Subscribe so you will  never miss a thing related to the project.
  • Pantos Official: English and German
    Groups related to Pantos, the joint scientific research project token between the Technical University of Vienna and Bitpanda.


Joining our Telegram is one of the best ways to get to know us and what we’re all about but please do take care when using the platform. Please note:we will never contact you in a private chat so if you receive a private message from one of us - it’s a scammer!

You can recognise official Bitpanda team members by the grey "admin" title on the right side of their name.

You can see the full list of our official admins in the 'pinned' message at the top of every Telegram group.


Our Youtube channel is the place where we keep all of our video content. You can catch up with all the latest interviews or Bitpanda Recaps over there. Here’s our latest:

Occasionally, we will hold live fireside talks with prominent Bitpanda figures to discuss products or our vision in - be sure to subscribe and activate notifications so that you don’t miss a thing. 🔔

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Last but not least we have our social media channels. Bitpanda is very active on all of them, giving our followers daily updates so they can join us every step of our journey. We also frequently hold competitions, promotions and spontaneous giveaways on these channels and please feel free to reach out to us here if you have general questions about Bitpanda.

  • Bitpanda Twitter: English
  • Bitpanda Pro Twitter: English
  • Bitpanda Facebook: English
  • Bitpanda Pro Facebook: English
  • Bitpanda Instagram: English
  • Bitpanda Linkedin: English
  • Pantos Twitter: English
  • Pantos Facebook: English

Are you ready to join the community?