We’re pleased to announce a big increase in the deposit and withdrawal limits for Bitpanda customers. These new limits are available immediately.

Deposit/withdrawal limits increased for Bitpanda customers

Increases apply to both credit card purchases/deposits as well as SEPA deposits/withdrawals and are as follows:

  • Credit card purchase/deposit daily limits increase from €2,500.- to €10,000.-
  • SEPA deposits and withdrawal daily limits can now be increased up to €500,000.- The previous daily limit was €10,000,-

It’s important to note, that certain information (e.g. proof of funds) may be required for notably large deposits, as part of Bitpanda’s AML and KYC requirements.

Additionally, the first trade is still bound to our already existing limit of € 2,500. After the first transaction is complete, it’s possible to make full use of our increased limits.

We offer direct over-the-counter (OTC) services to Bitpanda customers who are interested in purchasing or selling amounts over € 1 Million.

This is a highly specialised and exclusive service and is tailored to individual customers. If you’re interested in trading amounts over € 1 Million and require specialised service, please fill out this form so we can review your requirements.

Bitpanda Plus — available to you if you plan to transact large amounts.

The Bitpanda Plus program has been designed specifically as an exclusive service to existing fully verified customers wishing to increase their limits beyond our default limits and transact large values. If you wish to increase your account limits beyond Bitpanda’s default limits, please contact us here so we can discuss your available options.