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We recently introduced a new and exciting BEST loyalty programme called BEST Rewards. With it, you can increase your BEST holdings by up to 12.78% a year. In this blog post, we briefly run you through the steps you have to follow to claim your monthly rewards.

In order to receive BEST Rewards each month, you have to actively do a couple of things:

  • Have a verified Bitpanda account
  • Hold any amount of BEST in your Bitpanda wallet (not Bitpanda Pro)
  • Trade any digital asset at least once a month on Bitpanda either before or after your BEST Rewards claim in the given month (not Bitpanda Pro)
  • Accept the BEST Rewards terms & conditions during the claim process
  • Actively claim BEST Rewards once a month on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro)

Step-by-step guide on how to claim BEST Rewards

  1. Head over to and log in with your verified account.

2. On the Bitpanda dashboard, you will see a BEST Rewards banner. There, you have to click on the button Claim now.

3. Read the information on the popup you’ll see carefully and also check out the BEST Rewards terms and conditions.

4. Click on the two toggles next to the BEST Rewards terms and conditions and the additional information to agree to both of them.

5. To finish the claim process, click on the button “Claim BEST Rewards now”.

6. After you have successfully completed the claim process, you will see that the button on the Bitpanda dashboard now says “Already claimed”.

Note that you receive BEST Rewards for the previous month is on the first of the following month. So, for example, you receive the BEST Rewards for April 2020 on the 1st of May, 2020. For more information on how this loyalty programme works, head over to this blog post.

Please note: as this is a customer loyalty programme, please keep in mind that Bitpanda may stop this programme at any time and is not legally bound to give out these Rewards.

Get started and participate in our exclusive loyalty programme!