We’re pleased to announce the hiring of Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad in his new position as Head of Financial Services. He will play an important role at Bitpanda in the upcoming months and he has already told me that he’s eager to get started.

In his last role as ‘Head of Department: Digitalisation and Innovation’ at Austria’s leading banking group Raiffeisen, he led his team to develop solutions like ‘Mein ELBA’ (Raiffeisen’s tailor-made online banking solution) and promoted omnichannel banking to help digitalise the company.

We expect Lukas to use his knowledge of establishing end-to-end processes, developing innovative financial products and leading a team to bring Bitpanda forward in 2019. He has a deep understanding of how the financial industry works and through this valuable experience, we expect him to bring a lot to the table.

Lukas studied Finance and Accounting at Vienna’s University of Business and Economics with a heavy focus on financial services. He dived head-first into the world of banking taking a position as Strategy Consultant at ‘zeb’ which is an international banking and strategy consultancy.

‘When I opened my first current account in high school and experienced the clunky processes and services that were in place — I realised that something in banking needed to change. That was when I decided to help shape the future of financial services,’ he said. Additionally, he says he is convinced that crypto-assets will play a pivotal role in his mission.

We would like to extend a big thanks to Lukas for his enthusiasm in joining the team and we look forward to his contributions. We know that with this means we can meet customers needs even more efficiently.

With Lukas joining our team, we are getting ever closer to 100 team members so if you think that you could help us make waves then know we are still looking for talented and motivated people to join us.