Bitpanda has grown exponentially as of late. In the past year, our team has gone from less than thirty to almost one hundred members from all corners of the world — all working hard to make sure that Bitpanda runs smoothly. We are a unique company and that uniqueness is reflected in the individuality of our staff. Now you have the chance to get to know us a little better by getting a glimpse of how it is to work in our amazing team.

Around 100 faces from more than 30 different countries

We also wanted to get a better picture of who we are and so took a look at some of our employee data.

We knew that we were diverse but it wasn’t until looking at these statistics that we realised just how diverse we really are. As of writing, a total of more than 30 nationalities makes up the 100-person strong company — representing every continent on the planet except Antarctica.

Our lingo

Austrians might make up the biggest group but most people at Bitpanda actually come from outside the country and therefore, English has been adopted as our lingua franca. That being said, if you walk from one side of the office to the other, there’s a chance you will hear up to fifteen different languages being spoken on your way.

“When you have so many cultures converging in one place, there is a potential for things to get interesting. Here at Bitpanda though, everyone shares the same vision and goals which leads to great teamwork,” says Nina Aichinger, Head of HR at Bitpanda.

The Bitpanda team in February 2019.

One team, one dream

With so many people coming from so many different backgrounds, we have a lot of interests that run deep in our company culture. Sushi Wednesdays, Dönerstag on Thursdays, beers on Friday and even a dedicated Slack channel just for tea time. We have groups for football, basketball, gaming and every other hobby you can imagine to make sure everyone feels welcome and to develop our team spirit. Besides having diverse interests and hobbies, everyone at Bitpanda shares a belief in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Be part of the fintech revolution

We are not planning to stop growing any time soon and as we expand, we will need new skilled professionals to join us. If working in a fun, industry-disrupting fintech company sounds like something you’d be good at, then take a look at one of our vacancies and submit an application.