Update (November 20th 2018):

Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals are live again. Please note that Bitcoin Cash on Bitpanda represents the ABC client and we are not accepting cross chain deposits. We only credit Bitcoin Cash (ABC) coins sent to Bitpanda. Deposited Bitcoin Cash (SV) coins will be lost.

Update (November 19th 2018):

Bitcoin Cash trading is live again on Bitpanda. We activated Bitcoin Cash trading representing the ABC client on the Bitpanda platform today and updated the pricing charts accordingly. We started with trade only (buy and sell), and will enable deposits and withdrawals later. In case you left Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins on our platform during the hard fork, please note that we are keeping the credited Bitcoin Cash (SV) coins safe according to the snapshot. If and when we decide to activate the Bitcoin Cash (SV) coin we will update you on how and when we will credit it to your account. Please note that we will not accept cross chain deposits. This means, that as soon as deposits and withdrawals are enabled again, we will only credit Bitcoin Cash (ABC) coins sent to Bitpanda. Deposited Bitcoin Cash (SV) coins will be lost.

Update (November 15th 2018):

We are closely monitoring the Bitcoin Cash Fork and we will not be enabling BCH trading again today. We will revisit the situation again on Monday (November 19th 2018) where we will decide if Bitcoin Cash trading can be re-enabled.

There will be a hard fork to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain on November 15th. We know it’s important that we are clear about any and all major changes in the industry so here’s where we stand.

We will not be supporting two coins (both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV) in the future. This is because the hard fork has no replay protection built in so we will see which receives more market acceptance on major exchanges after the event and decide which chain to follow accordingly.

To have the option to have both coins credited you have to withdraw all your Bitcoin Cash funds before the hard fork takes effect on 15.11.2018 at 16:40 UTC (17:40 CET) to a wallet where you control your private keys.

The most important piece of information for our users is that we will temporarily halt the Bitcoin Cash wallets and trading some hours before the fork — this is to comply with current security standards in the industry and ensure all balances stay safe. As there is no exact time when this will take place due to the fact that it happens on a certain block, you should plan to remove your BCH funds in time for the 15th of November.

It is currently estimated that the fork will take place at 16:40 UTC (17:40 CET).

As a rule, Bitpanda does not follow forks blindly. Therefore, we will not initially support any new version of Bitcoin which has come from a fork. As always, we will protect our community through the whole process as their safety and the safety of their funds always comes first for us.

For more information, take a look into Bitpanda’s fork policy in our terms and conditions.

Kind regards from Vienna,
Team Bitpanda