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Working at Bitpanda is more than just a job: meet our Team in Poland, logging in straight from our Krakow Tech Hub. We wanted to highlight the amazing teams that have been built this year and some key projects that are taking place in our Krakow Technology hub.

We wanted to highlight the amazing teams that have been built this year and some key projects that are taking place in our Kraków Technology hub.

Our Team

We are a technology hub, so obviously engineering is a top priority. However, we do not limit ourselves to that space only. We have a strong team of 40+ which includes Software Engineers, PHP Developers, iOS and Android Developers, Test Automation Engineers, Java Developers, Technical Product Owners and Agile Coaches. We’re currently building out business capabilities such asTechnical Writers and Product Managers. Continuing to build out our teams in Kraków is imperative to support our growth and expansion plans at Bitpanda, we expect to end the year with over 50 people in the team - exciting times.

"Behind the enormous success of Bitpanda in Poland stands our unique offering which is based on three pillars: our culture, independent cross-functional product teams and business domain. We’re not yet another outsourcing hub for the HQ. We work on core Bitpanda’s functionality - the Broker and Payments. We think about ourselves as a super fast moving train. It is up to you if you want to be on board and if yes - whether you want to be in the first or the last carriage."

said Krzysztof Raś, VP of Engineering.

We work in cross-functional teams who are responsible for the Investment Platform, Payments and Operational Excellence. The investment platform area is responsible for enabling our users to get the easiest and fastest access to the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies while providing them with full control over their portfolio. Our teams take care of delivering new innovative features while making sure to adhere to Bitpanda’s quality standards.

The Payments team’s mission is to support our users to a reliable, fast and secure experience while using the financial instruments on our platform. Our engineers implement complex functionalities for our platform & customers. Daily challenges consist of improving performance, security, payment providers and continuing implementing different projects.

Hear from our People

“Working at Bitpanda is a completely new experience for me. The company has a free and friendly atmosphere with a flat hierarchy. Personal development and knowledge improvement is celebrated. Each person has an impact on the product and its quality, we’re all responsible for delivering the best possible quality product. At Bitpanda, I have improved my level of knowledge and skills. I'm communicating with specialists in my field which gives me the opportunity to develop and improve my qualifications. The Kraków tech hub is growing. We are looking for new team members, including in our team of testers. There are no restrictions and prejudices here, so that everyone will feel welcomed in a friendly atmosphere.”

said Alona Tmur, Test Engineering Specialist.

“Working at Bitpanda I have the opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world, experts in their area who I can learn from. I really enjoy being part of such a dynamically growing company, where I get support and independence to make an impact on the final product facing our customers around Europe. I’m sure the experience from Bitpanda is one of the most important and the most impactful in my resume.”

said Piotr Dziedzic, Technical Product Owner.

The challenges ahead

We have important challenges to solve like hardening our platform through cutting-edge security solutions which is our top priority in order to win first place among the safest to use platforms. With a hypotential interest increase in our investment platform we also need to make sure we’re prepared for it, in terms of traffic and performance. Lastly, we excel at innovation to bring in new features as we continue on our mission to make investing simple, accessible and available to everyone, everywhere.

We’re on the lookout for those fast-moving, talented, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen” kind of people who want to build Bitpanda with us. If you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact right from day one, check out our Kraków positions and apply now! We’d love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead.