Coinimal has partnered with [verify-U] to enable realtime face-to-face verification by webcam chat — meaning you can get started and buy bitcoin and NXT in minutes.

It can traditionally take days or even weeks to sign up, verify and start trading with a new exchange or crypto broker. Documents must often be submitted by email or website form. They are then verified by a third party, in their own time, and the account is finally activated — assuming all goes well.

To overcome the problems and delays associated with verification, Coinimal is now using the [verify-U] f2f (face-to-face) technology provided by Cybits AG. This new method means that verification takes place over video chat and the customer deals with a real person, in real time. The same process is also used by banks and other big companies to expedite account creation. Coinimal’s adoption of the same process makes opening and verifying an account faster and easier than ever before.

How the realtime verification works

Customers submit identification data via the interface, or simply enter their data on a dedicated webpage. Verification is obtained almost instantly. The final stage is a webcam chat held in person with an operator, in English or German, to assure conclusive visual identification.

The full process is:

  • Entirely digital/online
  • Fully legally compliant
  • Secure
  • Platform-independent
  • Takes just five minutes


To use f2f, customers will need a valid form of identification (typically passport) and a device with a webcam. They can then request verification through [verify-U] f2f. Just a few minutes later you will be fully verified and can place orders for crypto on Coinimal without any restrictions.

We believe that including [verify-U] f2f verification vastly reduces the delays and bureaucratic obstacles to signing up with Coinimal, making the service significantly faster and more attractive to new customers as well as reducing our own administrative overheads.