There will be a hard fork to the Komodo blockchain on December 15, 2018 by 01:00 UTC.

The hard fork is a scheduled internal update to Komodo’s blockchain protocol. Therefore there will be no competing chains and no new coins. The update will include a number of smaller features and the anticipated “sapling upgrade” which brings fundamental changes that improve efficiency and security for its users.

If you are holding Komodo on a Bitpanda wallet, here’s what you should note:

You can securely keep your funds in your KMD Bitpanda wallet and you do not have to do anything, we will perform the upgrade and take care of everything for you in the background. We will temporarily disable all Bitpanda Komodo wallets and may also disable trading if necessary. Wallets are estimated to be down for the whole day before the hard fork. This is to ensure the network’s stability and that all deposits and withdrawals can be safely re-enabled.

For more information, take a look into Bitpanda’s fork policy in our terms and conditions.

Kind regards from Vienna,

Team Bitpanda