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  • NEW: Bitpanda Cash Plus - we’re revolutionising savings with high-yield returns and 24/7 availability for EUR, GBP, and USD

NEW: Bitpanda Cash Plus - we’re revolutionising savings with high-yield returns and 24/7 availability for EUR, GBP, and USD


By Bitpanda

Bitpanda Cash Plus is a new way for our community to earn 2.57% yield and even more on their cash, and another big step towards our goal of simplifying wealth creation for everyone.

What is Bitpanda Cash Plus? 

Bitpanda Cash Plus puts that money to work, offering market leading returns on your cash of 2.57% and more. It’s just one more way we’re simplifying wealth creation for our community, along with recently added products including Bitpanda Staking, Bitpanda Spotlight and Bitpanda Leverage

Eric Demuth, CEO of Bitpanda: “We have been frustrated by the low interest offerings in Europe for several months. With central bank rates rising and barely any of that increase being passed on to investors, we decided to find a way to let you obtain market leading yields on your cash. “

What are the benefits of Bitpanda Cash Plus? 

  • Bank-beating returns: Earn 2.57% on EUR, 3.58% on GBP, or 4.12% on USD and even more with Bitpanda Cash Plus.

  • Full flexibility: All funds invested in Bitpanda Cash Plus are completely flexible and available anytime, 24/7. At any given time you can withdraw or invest your Bitpanda Cash Plus funds.

  • No limits: We believe you shouldn’t be limited in how you benefit from Bitpanda Cash Plus. That’s why you can invest up to 10m EUR.

  • Always up to date: Yields will be immediately adjusted with central bank interest rate changes - there is no limited offer period on Bitpanda Cash Plus.

  • Earn extra every month: Every working day any unused cash in your wallet is automatically invested into Bitpanda Cash Plus money market funds. Returns are paid out monthly and will land in your account earning you extra yield.

  • Better with BEST: Depending on your VIP level, you can earn higher compared to users without BEST. 

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How does Bitpanda Cash Plus work? 

You can turn on Bitpanda Cash Plus in the app anytime. Then, whenever you move money to your Bitpanda wallet, we will invest it automatically in Bitpanda Cash Plus money market funds for you. It will then start to generate a daily yield, and you will receive a monthly payout of any yield earned. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bitpanda app, deposit EUR/GBP/USD or tap on your available EUR/GBP/USD balance.
  2. Complete our quick appropriateness test if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Read the legal documents and accept them by tapping ‘Turn on’.
  4. Start earning a daily yield, which is paid out every month.
  5. Use your Bitpanda Cash Plus balance to invest in any asset you want, anytime

How is Bitpanda able to offer such market leading returns?

Bitpanda Cash Plus offers access to institutional money market funds that most private investors have no direct access to, because they require higher minimum investment amounts and target institutions only. When you use Bitpanda Cash Plus, Bitpanda purchases the money market fund as collateralization for the derivative contract.

What is a Money Market Fund

A money market fund is a mutual fund that focuses on investing in low-risk securities with short-term maturities, including cash and cash equivalent securities. This type of fund is trusted by banks and large corporations to keep their money safe and accessible, while giving them a return.

Bitpanda Cash Plus invests in these money market funds on your behalf, giving you the option to invest your cash and generate returns higher than many traditional savings accounts, all while maintaining liquidity and safeguarding your capital. Furthermore, the money market funds we selected for Bitpanda Cash Plus are professionally managed and offer our users high flexibility. These funds also bring benefits such as diversification, professional management, and the ability to quickly convert shares into cash on a daily basis.

Short term money market funds - such as those used for Bitpanda Cash Plus - have low volatility and the main driver for adjustments of the yield are changes in interest rates (European Central Bank interest rate for EUR money market fund, the Federal Reserve interest rate for USD money market fund, Bank of England interest rate for GBP money market fund). It's important to understand that although Bitpanda Cash Plus money market funds are generally considered low-risk and have the highest possible ratings, returns from Bitpanda Cash Plus can still rise or fall and are subject to change. Further details about this product, the issuer and the relevant risks are available in the prospectus and in the investor information document.

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This product is brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH as a derivative. Derivatives are contracts replicating a specific underlying. For Cash Plus the underlyings are selected money market funds. Actual payout may differ significantly from performance of the underlying Money Market Fund, as a result of fees and charges.

Bitpanda GmbH is not a bank, nor are any of its affiliates. This is a non-deposit investment product and consequently not protected by a deposit guarantee scheme.

Before you invest, please check the current prospectus. Past performance is fictional, for illustrative purposes only and not an indication of future results.