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CCXT now available on Bitpanda Pro

Judy Unger

By Judy Unger

In line with our quest to offer the most innovative features to our users, we are happy to announce that advanced users can now access and employ the CCXT library function for the ultimate trading experience on Bitpanda Pro.

Bitpanda Pro and CCXT

Bitpanda Pro recently added more than 100 improvements, including advanced order types and a reworked mobile user-interface for exchange users. Now, we are proud to announce the integration of CCXT.

CCXT is one of the most advanced open-source libraries for trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as Bitpanda Pro and was designed to be used by technically-skilled traders, coders and developers.

CCXT was initially developed in JavaScript, but now also supports Python and PHP and operates under an MIT open-source licence. The library offers seasoned traders a sound foundation to build and employ trading algorithms according to their objectives, needs and wishes.

A vast range of features for technically-skilled traders

Building your own CCXT-based trading bot allows you to focus on various trading strategies. The depths of the CCXT repository provides you with access to market data for visualisation and analysis, strategy backtesting and access to optional normalised data for cross-exchange analytics and much more.

CCXT also supports fully implemented private and public endpoints for the Bitpanda Pro API, including an out-of-the-box unified API for easy integration, with regular updates on Bitpanda Pro.

Finally, CCXT offers users programmatic access to public market data, chart data, account balances, opening and closing orders and many more features.

Ready to trade?

Get your API keys from Bitpanda Pro today and build your own CCXT trading bot!

Judy Unger

Judy Unger

Content Creation Expert at Bitpanda writing on blockchain and personal finance for everyone no matter their background, breaking down the barriers of investing.